Connect or Reconnect with Loved Ones

At one time or another, we’ve all lost contact with meaningful people from our past. It is the goal of Framework Searches to assist in locating family members, detailing family histories, reconnecting friends or looking for past loves – the building blocks that form lives.

How We Work


No-Cost Initial Consultation

We connect via phone, email or web to exchange information on your case and identify your personal goals.


Viability Determination

After our initial consultation, we'll make a decision on the probable success of your search and offer you our services.



Assuming both sides are in agreement, we'll deliver you an agreement to be signed and an invoice for payment of our fee.


Kick-off Meeting

We'll reconvene to gather more in-depth information that will be used in our search, as well as set expectations and timeframes.


Active Search

We begin our exhaustive search process using all available resources from the web all the way to DNA testing and everything in between.

Important Things To Remember

  • If I do not believe a search will be successful I will share this honestly and explain the rationale – from the outset.
  • As our search yields fruit, we will communicate all findings confidentially and privately.
  • Framework Searches is not a private investigation agency and does not conduct surveillance or other such activities. Framework does not conduct accident, child support, alimony, debt or searches of similar nature. While Framework Searches may rely on DNA for search purposes, Framework Searches does not conduct genealogy research or create family trees based on DNA.
  • Not all searches conclude successfully. There may be times during our search when we reach roadblocks that are impossible to get around. When this happens, we’ll present our findings and the reasons for ending our search.

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