Leap With Faith

man and child looking at sunset over ocean

Leap. With. Faith.

These three words describe what most of us do when stretching outside our comfort zone and stepping into somewhere we have never ventured before.  The decision to have a child is one of the most profound “leap with faith” moments in anyone’s life.  The decision to adopt a child is a “leap with faith” moment that, I propose, is even more profound.

I do not have children so I am not going to pretend that I know how this “LWF” decision feels, or the natural emotions that likely accompany it.  I am adopted, though, and have long contemplated the LWF that likely accompanies the decision by a couple, or individual, to adopt.  If faith in deciding to have a biological child is like jumping off a diving board into an exciting, and somewhat unknown, splash below then adopting a child, I suggest, is like jumping off a high dive into the exciting, and unknown, splash below.  Both exciting and a little scary,  Both requiring faith before the leap.  One leap a little higher than the other.

Each of us is a unique combination of the DNA we inherited.  Biologically related individuals can often identify a mannerism or talent back several generations.  Biologically related individuals have the gift of a biological history roadmap  – where the scenery may be spectacular and where there may be a pothole to avoid, if possible.  Such a roadmap may not be available with an adoption.  Having a roadmap as a guide is usually helpful but not always a guarantee of the trip ahead.  (Ask me about the time our family truck/camper combo flew airborne, quite unexpectedly and frighteningly, over a ravine in Mexico one summer day.  The map told us there was a bridge over the ravine.  Surprise!  No bridge!  The camper almost flew off the truck except for one lone bolt that luckily stayed attached while we were in flight.  My father had to reattach the camper to the truck after he attended to my sister’s badly destroyed knee.  She had landed on our motorcycle, stored in the back of the camper, during impact – the kids were riding in the camper).

Adoption is a Leap. With. Faith.  A Leap into a unique journey With Faith that this is the road you were meant to travel.



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