You Have A Purpose

Sunset rock under starry sky

Many of us may wonder at different times in life “why am I here, is there a purpose, a reason, for my being here at this particular time in the world?”  Granted, this is a heavy and deep question and one that we probably don’t ponder too often because it is so heavy and deep (who wants to voluntarily bring a bummer mood on themselves time and again? I certainly don’t!).  For me, as an adopted individual,  this question has always had an additional layer to ponder –  “was I even meant to be here?”

If you have a strong faith in a higher power you may not question the validity of your “being”.  While I have faith, though at times it waivers, I still find myself asking the “was I meant to be here” question.  My creation was not planned and likely caused pain and complications for a lot of people.  If I was an accident (and not of the “happy” kind) I sometimes wonder if I came with a “purpose” tag attached or if this tag was missing.  At other times I’m positive that I arrived with the tag attached.  Think about it, what are the odds that I was created at the very moment that I was – accident or not?  What are the odds that specific woman met that specific man?  What are the odds that specific egg met that specific sperm?  Regardless of any of the circumstances around my creation, being placed for adoption, or anything else that has transpired since, there surely must be a reason why all the stars lined up (or egg and sperm, if you prefer) to create me!  If there is a reason then there is surely a purpose attached to it, and to me.

I was thrilled to learn that all my pondering on the egg meeting the sperm thing was not wasted energy (it really did make my brain ache when I tried to envision that one persistent sperm determined to hook up with that egg – he only had one shot at glory!).  Scientists have calculated the odds of me, and you, being here at this very time in the history of the universe.  The odds of that one-in-kind egg pairing with that one-in-a-kind sperm is 1 in 400 trillion!  That’s right, 1 in 400 trillion!  Wow, my brain is aching again!  (

If you are an adoptee and have ever wondered if your existence is an accident know that it is not!  There is a purpose to you being here at this very time.

Each and every star in the night sky serves a purpose, is unique and will never be duplicated.  Neither will you.



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